Green Design

By using sustainable building materials and implementing efficient energy systems where appropriate, we build green. We build with locally-sourced wood, reclaimed wood, and durable, low-maintenance materials such as reflective metal roofs, stonework, foam insulation, and premium grade windows. We implement energy systems that save our clients money and reduce their environmental footprint, including high-efficiency heating systems and solar water and powering systems.

It’s not just about using the right materials; it’s about using the materials in the right way. A key to sustainability is knowing how to optimize space strategically, which means creating multi- and flex-use spaces. There's nothing green about unused space. 

We design for the ages. We build homes that can be adapted to last a lifetime, that can be smoothly moderated to improve accessibility and to allow for future subdivisions or re-purposing. Green design is sustainable design.

Raw Property

Location is everything, and we prefer to work with it rather than around it. We respond to both the regional climate and the specific micro-climate of the site to maximize natural ventilation, lighting, and passive solar heating. We encourage opening the house to the outdoors and utilizing outdoor living spaces.

We embrace nature's architectural value. We build each space using its natural and cultural environment as an overarching design directive, and preserve the raw property through innovative, environment-focused construction.