Our Team

We have been designing and building one-of-a-kind designs for 35 years, primarily in Southwest Virginia. Bringing our backgrounds in design to the drawing table, paired with our commitment to sustainability and efficiency, we build spaces that are functional, beautiful, and ecologically responsive. Whether we have a client meeting, a concrete pour, an estimate to write, or subcontractors to direct, we love the variety each workday brings. We love taking things from concept through completion, and, perhaps more than anything, we love a good brainstorm.

Chris Prokosch

Designer + Master Builder

Chris’s fascination with building began early, inspired by his dad’s architecture career and a high school summer carpentry job. Realizing a love for building things of value and permanence, Chris kept hammering, getting his art fix through carpentry. As more and more friends came to him for design and construction guidance, Chris decided the time was nigh for formal design training. Now, with an architecture degree from Virginia Tech and over four decades of design and building experience, Chris enjoys the challenges, rewards, and utter lack of boredom inherent in client-focused design work. From custom-built homes and home additions, to offices, schools, and event facilities, Chris loves the thrill of finding good solutions for complex situations. Chris is an avid bassist and volleyball player, and lives with Shannon and their three kids in Floyd, Virginia.

Shannon Green


From marine biologist to...designer? Though not a traditional career path, Shannon’s longtime love for beautiful design ultimately led her to leave the sea for the land. Shannon studied Interior Architecture and garnered work experience at the prestigious Corgan Associates in Dallas, Texas before moving east to Virginia to earn her Masters in Architecture. In a nod to her Deep South roots, Shannon focused on the architectural history of southern plantation homes, falling in love with their built-to-last design and their graceful, timeless sensitivity to the climate and the availability of materials. With a keen eye for design that is simple yet practical, Shannon plays a key role in brainstorming the conceptual design of each project and developing it to completion. In her free time, Shannon tries to fit in as much swimming, yoga, and painting as possible, though not at the same time.

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